Art Area Heidelberg

Dear Art Friends!

We will start soon our drawing season 2021 after Corona pause at our own Art Area place on Bergheimerstr 9-11, “Modellierton” Kreativ Labor. I can’t wait to start creating!

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    I collected all my notes about artistic materials, it is a bunch of information, in a file.

    Any of available materials can be used for our art classes, so bring what you have and we will figure out how to use it.

    If you don’t have good materials for drawing, and you don’t know what is better to buy, come to the course and try out my materials, then you can order what your own. You can also not buy anything but use materials from me, it costs 20 euros per course or 2 euros per lesson, in this case you can come to the lessons without cargo, but there will be nothing to work at home if you want to draw.

    Extended list of materials for art classes


    The most necessary thing is paper, it will come in handy a lot, and it is better to have:

    Your own sketchbook for pencil drawings – any white or color paper 100-160 gr, from A5 to A3, the size you prefer 

    and a separate block for watercolors – with thick sheets at least 200 – 300 gr,cold pressed, a minimum of A4 format, and preferably more so as not to limit yourself. watercolor paper should be marked “for watercolor”, cotton, cold pressing, then the watercolor will love you and bring you a lot of joy. 

    Graphic materials 

    Simple pencils and an eraser will always come in handy.

    For a significant expansion of creativity you may find it useful – gel pens, white, black, brown, liners, or a pen. Inks of any color are also good friends of graphics and mixed media. It’s not necessary, but pleasant to have, look at home and in children’s pencil cases


    We will learn two different ways of painting: transparent watercolors and opaque paints like tempera, acrylic, oil. You can try everything from me first, and buy then those paints that are closer to you.

    Watercolor: the best materials – are the key to success. Paints must be professional, “watercolor” for children and school, and from wallmart is not watercolor. Professional paints are expensive, but there are 2 ways to get around this obstacle:
    1. buy a minimal travel set from the best brand (Schminke, Winzor & Newton or Van Goch). It is enough because watercolor is very sparing


    or 2. buy Russian paints “White Nights” (better) or “Sonnet”

    Watercolor brushes: you can use a small set of synthetic soft brushes, for example, excellent ones from Ikea. but it’s worth having one good Kolinsky  brush of size 12 or 14(worth a fortune, but will work for you  for many years)

    or a very worthy alternative – calligraphic Chinese brushes, they will give you a lot of joy for a couple of euros:

    Acrylic paints. They are sold a lot in Tedi or Baumarkt, you can start with any small set of 6-8 colors and then to buy more. The main point in acrylic paints is a lot of pigment and pastose, that the layers are applied will be really opaque. For this reason it is better to choose acrylic labeled “studio” or “professional”, “artist” they really for painting. I recommend Lukas Cryl Studio

    Acrylic brushes can be safely bought in Lidl and Aldi, Tedi, as well as here 

    Feel free to contact me in case of doubt or questions about art materials
    Dina Jetybaeva